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New Revenue Streams: Analyzing Antitrust Class Action Settlement Claims
  • Video MPEG-4 , size 70971 KB

To start the OnDemand, Press the Forward Arrow to start the video. On the older OnDemand courses, please disregard the certification instructions in the video as they are no longer accurate. Once started, the video will remember your position if you leave this page. You will not be able to fast forward through the video. The “View All” button will allow you to access the Course Materials.

Intermittently, throughout the video, a Pop-up box with a code will appear to ensure your presence. You will need to press “Submit” on the Pop-up box.

In order to obtain continuing education credit, you will be required to watch the entirety of the video and acknowledge the Pop-up boxes. At the end of the video, you will be brought to the Survey and Certification Processing page, where you will be asked to confirm your accreditation information. Once these are complete, your certificates will be emailed to you.

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