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Lease Accounting Standard: A Way Forward


Financial statement practitioners face imminent deadlines to meet new lease accounting rules issued by the Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB). All companies are likely impacted, but especially companies with substantial equipment or real estate leasing operations will likely have their work cut out for them to comply with the standard’s requirement to establish a right of use asset and lease liability. According to a 2017 Bloomberg Tax poll, approximately 54 percent of corporate executives are concerned about implementing the standards by its effective date.

Join Bloomberg Tax and Deloitte & Touche for Lease Accounting Standard: A Way Forward, convening chief financial officers, controllers, financial accountants, auditors, analysts, and other accounting professionals for a discussion on the challenges, breakthroughs, and potential regulatory changes in the new lease standard.

This interactive conversation will provide insight on:

  • How to apply the lease standard in real-world situations
  • Understand what C-suite executives need to know
  • Strategies to engage internal stakeholders


Continuing Education

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