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Global Payroll and the Move to a Gig Economy


A fulltime job and a lifelong career with one company: It sounds like a fairytale in today's marketplace. The workforce landscape is changing at a dramatic pace. In fact, with mobility increasing, the "Gig" workforce, that of mobile and temporary workers, is outpacing traditional workforce labor. According to Gig Economy Index, Gig Economy workers will account for more than $711 billion of income in 2017, amounting to 3.7% of the U.S. GDP. Staffing Industry Analysts (SIA) estimates the Gig economy makes up 34% of today's workforce. Not only are companies looking at including these types of workers in their overall talent strategy, they know they must explore alternative payroll methods to support them if they want to stay efficient in today's market.

This new practical webinar from Bloomberg BNA Global Payroll and the Move to a Gig Economy, presented by Jeff Nugent and Brandon Moreno, provides advisors with an inside look at how companies are utilizing Gig workers as well as the complex compliance concerns they face. We will cover the various methods and drivers for engaging Gig workers and discuss payroll alternatives for leveraging this workforce.

Topics include:

  • What constitutes a Gig workforce and why companies should take notice
  • Various payroll methodologies beneficial to the Gig economy
  • Compliance issues associated with leveraging the global workforce and other Gig workers
  • Common terms in this space and what they mean
  • Gig, Independent Consultants, and Contingent Workers
  • Unique benefits to companies leveraging on demand and Gig technology platforms

Educational Objectives:

  • Understanding of the key differences between gig and contingent workers
  • Familiarity with the as a Service (aaS) technology options available to organizations today
  • Knowledge of how the changing workforce landscape impacts paying workers
  • Understanding of the benefits and ROI of leveraging the Gig workforce

Who would benefit most from attending this program?
Payroll Directors and Managers. Payroll Advisers, HR Directors and Advisers.


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Brandon Moreno
  • President
  • EverHive Corporation

As the president at EverHive Corporation, Brandon has deep domain knowledge in talent and innovation, change management and operational effectiveness. He provides contingent worker program leadership for emerging and leading edge companies. Over his career, he has worked with executives, teams, and professionals from Fortune 20 1000 organizations who have entrusted him to lead change management and talent acquisition initiatives. Brandon is a featured speaker at staffing industry trade events including HCI Innovation Conference, ProcureCon CS, and SIA s CWS.

Jeff Nugent
  • Founder and Managing Director
  • Contingent Workforce Solutions

As founder and managing director of Contingent Workforce Solutions, Jeff is a leading expert on independent contractor compliance issues and has extensive experience with employment and payroll legislation affecting the contract workforce. With over 20 years of contract and freelance workforce management experience, Jeff has helped countless fortune 500 organizations throughout North America design and implement programs that enable them to hire manage and pay their contract and gig economy workers in an efficient, cost effective and compliant fashion. Jeff is a board member of the national staffing association, is the managing editor of contingent workforce strategies LinkedIn group and is a sought after research contributor and speaker.

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