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US Tax Reforms: Opportunities and Challenges for Multinationals


This is a virtual event, accessible over the phone. Access instructions will be provided after registration.


This is a complimentary program sponsored by Radius.

The new US tax reforms represent the largest overhaul to the country’s tax code in more than three decades. They not only significantly lower US corporate tax rates, they change how multinationals are taxed on their non-US operations and their cross-border transactions.

Understanding and following with the new rules will create challenges for multinationals. Those that fail to comply will risk financial and reputational damage, and those that fail to take advantage of new benefits will leave money on the table.

Learning Objectives:

During this webinar, our panelist will discuss:
•    Transition tax, including how to calculate it and understand its impact
•    Excise tax on payments to related foreign entities
•    Intellectual Property (IP) considerations, including tax structuring
•    Maintaining ongoing operations under the reforms, including the risks and benefits of repatriating funds


Scott Wentz
  • Managing Director
  • Radius

Scott is a CPA and MBA with over 25 years of experience in corporate and international taxation.  Scott, prior to being the managing director of Montage Services, was a tax partner at Arthur Andersen in the Corporate International Group.  He has extensive knowledge of corporate and international tax and finance.

Scott has assisted several multinationals with corporate structure, financing, and supply chain management, and in the transfer of intellectual property. 

Scott has written published comments on the withholding tax regulations for publicly traded partnerships.  He is a speaker for the AICPA on international tax provisions.  He has also been a guest lecturer at UC Berkeley and UC Davis, as well as the NYU tax seminars.

Continuing Education

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Practice Areas:
A basic understanding of corporate tax.
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