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Advanced Planning Presents: A Day in the Tax and Planning Life of a Typical American


This is a virtual event, accessible online. Access instructions will be provided after registration.


This is a complimentary program sponsored by Northwestern Mutual.

The typical American has a broad range of planning concerns each and every day. How will I pay for my kid’s education? When can I retire? What will happen if my elderly parents run out of money before they die? How should I donate to my favorite charity and/or alma mater? Will I be able to leave assets to my kids and grandkids when I die? If so, what is the best way to do that? Northwestern Mutual’s Advanced Planning Attorneys will walk through these planning concerns.
• Education Planning: tax-favored ways to save for education expenses, including 529 plan rules; education gifting strategies; and the new 529 plan distribution rules under the new tax law.
• Retirement Planning: maximizing qualified plans and IRAs; using nonqualified deferred compensation as a retirement strategy; and utilizing permanent life insurance in retirement.
• Issues with Aging: practical estate planning considerations; and using long term care insurance and/or life insurance with an accelerated care benefit rider for qualifying long term care expenses.
• Legacy Planning: drafting estate planning documents to protect assets in case a beneficiary gets sued or divorced; retirement plan beneficiary designation considerations; and charitable planning.

Educational Objectives:

• Understand strategies for saving for educational expenses.
• Understand tax planning techniques for saving for retirement.
• Understand the taxation of life insurance and long term care insurance.
• Understand certain estate planning techniques, including charitable planning.

Who would benefit most from attending this program?

This program is designed for attorneys, accountants, and CFP® practitioners who want to learn more about education saving accounts, retirement planning accounts, taxation of life insurance, estate planning techniques, and charitable planning strategies. Attorneys, accountants and CFP® practitioners will also receive continuing education credit for their participation.


Pamela T. Cathlina, JD, CLU®
  • Senior Director – Advanced Planning
  • Northwestern Mutual

Pam joined Northwestern Mutual in 1996 after working at an international accounting firm as an employee benefits tax consultant. After starting her career in Advanced Planning, she served in several roles within Northwestern Mutual’s Home Office, including product lines, operations and career distribution. Pam returned “home” to Advanced Planning in 2018.

Patrick J. Horning, JD, CLU®, CFP®
  • Senior Director – Advanced Planning
  • Northwestern Mutual

Patrick worked in a boutique law firm specializing in business and real estate law for four years before joining Northwestern Mutual in 2000. Patrick is a regular presenter at many of Northwestern Mutual’s schools and seminars. He is also a national speaker at industry conferences and estate planning councils and frequently consults on estate, business, retirement and income tax planning and nonqualified employee benefits.

Daniel P. McLennon, JD, CLU®, CFP®
  • Senior Attorney – Advanced Planning
  • Northwestern Mutual

Dan worked as a bankruptcy attorney in Milwaukee prior to joining Northwestern Mutual in 2014. Dan is a national expert on education planning, having written and spoken extensively on 529 accounts and student loan strategies.

Chairperson: Patrick J. Bodden

Continuing Education

General COA, Up to 3.0 CLE, 3.0 CPE, 3.0 CFP
Practice Areas:
• A basic understanding of federal individual income taxation. • A basic understanding of types of educational savings accounts. • A basic legal and tax understanding of qualified and nonqualified deferred compensation strategies. • A basic understanding of estate planning documents. • A basic legal and tax understanding charitable planning strategies.
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