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Trade Secrets Theft: Legal Teams Weigh In on Prevention & Investigation


This is a virtual event, accessible online and over the phone. Access instructions will be provided after registration.


This is a complimentary program sponsored by FTI Consulting.

IP-intensive industries comprise more than half of U.S. exports, totaling $840 billion in annual revenues. Despite this clear economic incentive to protect IP, many companies lack a holistic approach to proactively prevent the theft of their trade secrets. Plus, many do not have a system in place to thoroughly investigate after a potential theft. 
To shed light on this important topic, Winston & Strawn and FTI Consulting partnered to survey key corporate stakeholders involved with the protection of trade secrets. We asked a broad range of questions, including which teams own responsibility for protecting trade secrets, the most effective mechanisms for protecting this information, how organizations quantify the risks involved, as well as level of involvement with law enforcement.
In this webcast, Winston & Strawn LLP and FTI Consulting will share the results of the survey and best practices for companies that need to better protect and investigate issues of trade secrets theft.

Educational Objectives:

• The biggest impediments to preventing trade secrets theft and obtaining a legal remedy if theft occurs;
• Best practices for theft prevention, from employee onboarding and training to technology; and
• Post-theft investigation trends and the scope of legal remedies available to companies targeted for trade secrets theft.

Who would benefit most from attending this program?

In-house counsel and other professionals working with IP issues with a focus on trade secrets and privacy. 


Steve Grimes
  • Partner
  • Winston & Strawn LLP

Steve Grimes is a partner and a Registered Foreign Lawyer in Winston’s Hong Kong office. He leads the firm’s Asia Litigation practice, is a former U.S. federal prosecutor, an experienced trial lawyer, and a former Chief Compliance Officer and senior litigation counsel for a global publicly-traded Fortune 500 company. Steve’s practice focuses on compliance and data security counseling, sensitive internal investigations, government interactions, and complex disputes. Steve’s in-house experiences greatly aid his ability to provide tailored and pragmatic service to his clients. Steve focuses a significant portion of his practice on conducting sensitive internal investigations, often across borders, and interfacing with government agencies on behalf of his clients. He works with companies across many industries to investigate highly sensitive and urgent issues related to trade secret theft, technology and data security breaches, conflicts of interest, financial fraud/disclosures, and potential violations of anti-bribery and other laws. In one highly publicized matter, Steve assisted a financial firm with the investigation and ultimate federal prosecution and conviction for theft of trade secrets and obstruction of justice by two of the firm’s employees. Steve co-leads the firm’s Global Privacy and Data Security Task Force.

Shannon Murphy
  • Associate
  • Winston & Strawn LLP

Shannon Murphy, a member of Winston’s Global Privacy and Data Security Task Force, focuses her practice on internal investigations, data protection counseling, and complex litigation, particularly matters involving potential criminal liability or trade secret issues. A primary focus of Shannon’s practice is developing practical, specifically-tailored processes and protocols for companies in various industries to mitigate the chance of data loss through theft or breach, and investigating and seeking appropriate legal remedies when companies experience theft or breach. She has significant experience helping clients promptly and effectively respond to data security incidents that have resulted in, among other things, multiple federal convictions for theft of trade secrets, numerous settlement agreements, preliminary injunctions, extended restrictive covenants, and large restitution judgments.

Dan Roffman
  • Senior Managing Director
  • FTI Consulting

Dan Roffman is a Senior Managing Director at FTI Consulting in the Digital Forensics practice of the Technology segment. Mr. Roffman is an expert in digital forensics, e-discovery, and cyber investigations. For the past twelve years, Mr. Roffman has provided consulting services to corporations around the globe in support of litigation and investigations. During this time, he has provided testimony on civil and criminal matters in the U.S. and abroad. Mr. Roffman currently supervises FTI Consulting’s digital forensic labs and staff in Chicago and New York. Prior to joining FTI Consulting, Mr. Roffman worked in the Criminal Division of the United States Department of Justice.

Continuing Education

1.0 General COA, 1.0 CLE
Practice Areas:
A basic understanding of intellectual property law.
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