How Public Sector Automation Can Increase Reliability and Solve Security Issues

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Automation is the cornerstone of cloud, datacenter consolidation and IT modernization. No matter what aspect of IT you are engaging with, automating manual processes is proven to increase reliability by reducing manual errors, decreasing time to deliver IT assets and is key to building self service capabilities for your enterprise. More recently, we've seen an interesting confluence of technologies bringing automation to bear on solving issues of security scanning, remediation and documentation. Agencies are beginning to explore these technologies - Ansible, Secure Content Authoring Protocol and the OpenControl project by 18F - to integrate with their existing CI/CD implementations - zeroing in on the concept of continuous Authority to Operate by ensuring that as changes are made to environments, they are fully documented, automated and built on known good, or pre-approved technology building blocks.


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Adam Clater
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  • Red Hat Public Sector

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