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International Payroll

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  •  1.0 General COA, 1.0 RCH

If your organization sends employees abroad, you need to understand what a shadow payroll is and how it works. The basic concept is relatively simple, and shadow payrolls are great for lowering employer and employee risks.


  • On-demand
  •  COA, 1.0 CLE, 1.0 HRCI, 1.0 SHRM

The traditional employment relationship has changed recently across the world.  As your business looks to expand or continues to expand globally, you must be ready to face challenges that arise in different jurisdictions where you find you need to utilize contingent workers and independent contractors.


  • On-demand
  •  COA, 1.5 HRCI, 1.5 HRCI GLOBAL, 1.5 SHRM

Employees who work in multiple countries create complexities and risks for their employers and vendors that administer their pay and benefits.  Laws differ and often conflict among jurisdictions—treaties provide some guidelines with regard to the countries who have entered into them, but even there local authorities vary widely in application and enforcement of treaties.


  • On-demand
  •  COA, 1.0 HRCI, 1.0 HRCI GLOBAL, 1.0 SHRM

A U.S. multinational launching a new “greenfield” operation abroad—a new overseas office or facility—goes ahead and registers a new local subsidiary to employ and payroll local staff in the new location.


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