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International Human Resources

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A U.S. multinational launching a new “greenfield” operation abroad—a new overseas office or facility—goes ahead and registers a new local subsidiary to employ and payroll local staff in the new location.


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Keeping track of regulatory deadlines, whether you’re a small company engaging in cross-border e-commerce or a multinational with offices around the world, is challenging and risky. Each jurisdiction has its own constantly changing obligations for businesses operating in their territory, compensating employees and more.


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If your organization sends employees abroad, you need to understand what a shadow payroll is and how it works. The basic concept is relatively simple, and shadow payrolls are great for lowering employer and employee risks.


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Millennial workers make up an increasingly large share of the global workforce, and attracting and retaining them has never been more important. Despite this, many multinationals have been slow to adapt to the generation’s expectations and values.


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As businesses struggle to remain competitive in the global marketplace, and the war for talent intensifies, ensuring an effective human capital management strategy is critical to win the future of work objectives. Successfully attracting, reskilling, retaining and managing your workforce ensures the company is prepared for the agility and flexibility it will need to adapt to the way work is evolving. New HR technologies play a key role in meeting these demands, and are essential for attracting and retaining top talent. Bloomberg Law for HR Professionals convenes industry leaders from Vistra, Alight Solutions, Seyfarth Shaw, and Mercer to share the best strategies their clients are pursuing today.


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