Spiking M&A Deal Failures: Predicting Abandoned Acquisitions

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This is a virtual event, accessible online and over phone. Access instructions will be provided after registration.


In 2017, announced cross-border mergers & acquisitions failed at a rate of 7.2%, the highest in almost a decade. The changes in the regulatory environment are one factor, especially in relation to the cancellation of cross-border deals. For instance, antitrust concerns led to the failure of the proposed Aetna/Humana merger in 2017. More than $2.5 trillion in M&A deals were announced in the first half of 2018 alone, demonstrating that attorneys need to understand how to better predict what deals might be abandoned so that they are better prepared for all possible merger outcomes.

Join us for this 60-minute webinar where our panelists will discuss what types of cross-border M&A deals are at risk, early warning signs to look for and strategies for turning around an at-risk deal. Our panelists will also discuss how to use legal technology to predict more efficiently and what the future could hold for the regulatory environment.

Educational Objectives:

● The impact of a changing regulatory environment on failed acquisitions;
● The types of M&A deals most likely to be abandoned;
● Tips for using tech and data solutions to analyze failure likelihood;
● Tactics to help prevent a deal from failing.

Who would benefit most from attending this program?

In-house counsel and outside counsel working with and advising on M&A deals.

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1.0 General COA, 1.0 CLE
Practice Areas:
A basic understanding of the M&A regulatory landscape.
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