Talent Risk: Ensure Management Understands Today’s Workforce

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According to a recent survey published by Conference Board in 2018, failure to attract and retain talent is the top concern for CEOs today. With unemployment rates reaching historic lows, HR leaders must ensure the company’s managers are not putting employee retention at risk. Employee engagement is has proven success in helping companies retaining key employees.

Your challenge: 
• Ensure managers in your company are leveraging all the resources available to them to effectively engage employees.
• Ensure technology is deployed to create team work, collaboration and accountability for employees
• Ensure the HR team has innovative, relevant and efficient strategies in place.

Join us for this 60-minute webinar where our panelists will discuss tools and strategies for human resources leaders to ensure their senior management is working to keep their employees engaged.  Our speakers will discuss how managers can use technology to increase collaboration and communication with their employees, and the impact this has on overall productivity and business success.

A major cause of employee disengagement is the inadequate connection between senior management and the company’s employees, which causes further disengagement as employees feel disconnected from the company’s purpose as well.  The human resources department must train management effectively to strengthen their connection to their employees and improve the overall experience.  

Educational Objectives:
Webinar participants will learn:
• The impact of the connection between senior management and their employees on engagement;
• How human resources leaders can work with senior management to improve their connection with employees;
• Strategies for increasing collaboration and communication to improve employee engagement.

Who would benefit most from attending this program?
CEO/President, Analyst/Specialist, Human Resources, Operations, C-Suite, VP, Director, Manager

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1.0 General COA, 1.0 HRCI, 1.0 SHRM
Practice Areas:
A basic understanding of human resources and employee engagement issues.
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