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Corporate Transactional and Antitrust

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  • Webinar
  •  Jun 26 '18, 12:00 EDT
  •  COA, 1.0 CLE

With the pace, scale and complexity of business continuing to accelerate, corporate legal teams are being pushed to do more with less time and budget, with a higher degree of accuracy and at scale. At the same time, new opportunities are emerging to leverage legal for business insights and advantages. These external pressures are squeezing in-house teams, and forcing GCs to rethink how legal work gets done, and who does it.


  • On-demand
  •  COA, 1.0 CLE

As your business is expanding and increasingly engaging in cross-border transactions, you must ensure that your information remains secure.  As various countries are turning their attention to developing a regulatory framework surrounding data protection, you must be ready to comply with constantly-evolving frameworks, protect your data when expanding in jurisdictions that lack these frameworks, and implement data protection standards to ensure deal value.


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